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Cover Photography: Wes Adamson

Cover Design: Alex Hughes

Big Muddy 14.2


Dr. Susan Swartwout

Assistant Editor

Alex Hughes
Carrie Walker

Publishing Interns

Rakeda Biggers
Taylor Eakin
Theresa Hamilton
Trisha Turnbough
Alise Wisniewski

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Victoria Weisfeld
The Flock

Lawrence F. Farrar
Not One of Us

David Armand
Mae’s Blues

Tricia Currans-Sheehan
The Wedding Consultant

Josiah Meints

John Mort

Adam Padgett


Philip Alan Sandberg
Time Is Muddy

Thomas V. Lerczak
The Acorn Year

Mike Koch
Momo: The Missouri Monster

MaryAnne Wilimek


Angie Macri
Sostenuto Pedal

Jeff Hardin
Henry Gower Road
Rising and Falling

John P. Kristofco
Tomatoes in October

Carol Tyx
In the Toolshed

Tim Leach
Grackles Patrol Suburbia for Homeland Security

Mary Crow
Full Circle

John Grey
His Duty As He Doesn’t See It

Nancy Lael Braun
The Swedes

Stephen R. Roberts
Reaching the River Muse

Parker Bauman
The River Is a Scorned Woman

Scott Elder
Valentine’s Day by the River

Matt Schumacher
Why the Badlands Look So Bad

Jack Vian
The Trinity Has No Bars

Maura Gage Cavell
Oyster Shells, Pearls, Dreams

Brad Johnson
The Graduate-Student’s Wife: An Email
Summer Drought, Winter Flood

Charles Laird Calia
Song for Willy
Canine Years
War of the Worlds

Bill Brown
Church of Childhood

Hal Sirowitz
Perfect Feature

B. Neal Kirchner
First Star

Philip C. Kolin
Post Cards from New Orleans

Mark Taksa

Daniel Bourne
Spoon River, Personal Mythology, 1988

Jeff Nesheim
before you

Jamie Sullivan

Mercedes Lawry
Some Things About Hunger

Kelly Talbot
The Rhythm of the Everglades

Gaylord Brewer
Notation on the Last Light of the Year


Trisha Turnbough reviews:
Diaz, Natalie. When My Brother Was an Aztec. Copper Canyon Press, 2012. Paper, 103 pp., $16.00.

Alise Wisniewski reviews:
Sundstol, Vidar. Only the Dead. University of Minnesota Press, 2014. Hardcover, 156 pp., $22.95.

Rakeda Biggers reviews:
Trouillot, Evelyne. The Infamous Rosalie. University of Nebraska, 2013. Paper, 132 pp., $19.95.

Theresa Hamilton reviews:
Casanova, Mary. Frozen. University of Minnesota Press, 2012. Hardcover, 248 pp., $16.95.

Alex Hughes reviews:
J.M.G. Le Clezio. Mondo. Bison Books, 2011. Paper, 238 pp., $19.95.

 Theresa Hamilton reviews:
Daniels, Jim Ray. Eight Mile High. Michigan State University Press, 2014. Paper, 205 pp., $19.95.

Taylor Eakin reviews:
Thon, Melanie Ray. In This Light. Graywolf Press, 2011. Paper, 256 pp., $15.00.