Southeast Missouri State University Press

Strange Privacies: Poems

Roy Bentley

2006 Copperdome Poetry Chapbook Contest Winner
Publication: 2006
Pages: 28

An excerpt from Section 3: My Father Dressing Me as Zorro, taken from the poem “Listening to Coltrane on the 4th of July”:

Now I’ve lowered a mask over my face
The eye-slits don’t fit, and I can’t see.
I scent the smoke of his cigarette. I tell him
they turned off the electricity, the gas and phone,
that neighbors fed us after he left. I’m feeling
in the gift box for a toy rapier, which I wave
between us. He tells me to stop horsing around:
this close, one of us is likely to get hurt.

Acknowledgements from this collection:

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The Journal:  sections 3 and 7 of “Listening to Coltrane on the 4th of July”

Laurel Review:  “The Medium Eva C. with a Materialization on Her Head and a Luminous Apparition Between Her Hands, 1912”

Mid-American Review: “Death Speaks of a Man Who Started the Day Reading Rubber Trees” and “Strange Privacies”

North American Review: “Woman and Alligator”

Roy Bentley received Ohio Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship awards during the writing of these poems. His book The Trouble with a Short Horse in Montana was published by White Pine Press in Fall 2006.

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ISBN: 978-0-9760413-6-8