Southeast Missouri State University Press

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 9

James Brubaker, Editor

Publication: November 11, 2020
Pages: 220

Award Winning Essays

Troy D. Allan – Going to War (Winner)                                                                                   

Rick Fahr Jr. – A War Zone Question (Honorable Mention)                                                

Cody Mower – Ghosts (Honorable Mention)                                                                          

Additional Essays

Molly Huggins – It’s Complicated                                                                                      

James Hugo Rifenbark – Were They Safe and Are They Happy?                                                    

Jessica McFarland – Bouncing Betties                                                                                      

Monty Joynes – The Old Army Game                                                                               

Charlie Jacobson – The Bunkers                                                                                             

Hope N. Griffin – One Tiny Soldier                                                                                     

Award Winning Poetry

Sarah Colby – Roasting Hatch Chiles (Winner)                                          

Ryan Stovall – Tripped Up By Mefloquine (Honorable Mention)   

Charity Winters – Gun Trucking (Honorable Mention)       

Additional Poetry

Jessica M Granger – Your Claim Has Been Denied 

Jonathan Tennis – A Lesson in Making War: Grenade Range 

Jesse Frewerd – Hands Were Dealt

Zardus James – Reflections from blackened pine

Grace Dilger – Soldiers With Dogs Are Less Likely to Kill Themselves  & I Need You to Answer Your Whatsapp Message

Sarah Colby – Blue Star Mother &  Water Turn  

Jesse Manciaz – Jungle         

Michael Casey – Wild in the Street  

Jordan Keller-Martinez – Thaumatrope, Here, & Intangible Presence  

Jeremy H. Warneke – A Stupid Death     

Juanita Kirton – Poles      

Michelle Brandfass – Paintbrush Patriot   

Patrick O’Regan – My Soldier, My Angel     

Robert Brewer – Tracking Colonel Gaddafi 

Thomas G. McGuire – Ghorbân: A Poem of Sacrifice   

Delbert R. Gardner & Adele Gardner – Operation  

Mitzi Dorton – Sand  

Ryan Stovall – First Incision—Work Begins                             

Carl “Papa” Palmer – Army Buddies   

Almyr L. Bump – Iram with lofty pillars

Cameron Winship – War Stories from Across the Pond

Aaron Wallace – Notes from Above the Atlantic   

Fred Rosenblum – Still Smoldering After All These Years  

Morgan Carlock Clark – The Navy Veteran’s Tale 

Bruce Parker – Homecoming from Korea

Award Winning Photography

Anne Boaden – CH-53D Ramp Gunner (Winner) 

Felicitus Ferington – A Rush to Treatment (Honorable Mention) 

Bree Pye – Play (Honorable Mention) 

Additional Photography

Jonathan Tennis – Afghan Sunflower

What’ll It Be – Somewhere Over Iraq

Jessica M Granger – Your Claim Has Been Denied

Bree Pye – BreakReturn – Daniel Johnson & Fighting From the Dustbowl

James Hugo Rifenbark – Members of BAT B2-19 Arty Getting Ready to Air Lift Off Fire Base Custer

Tony Craidon – Convoy

Anne Boaden – AH-1W Cobra Waiting at FOB Edinburgh

Award Winning Interviews

Charleetah Lankford – Hometown Hero: Master Gunnery Sergeant Carroll W. Braxton (Winner)

Thomas G. McGuire – Feet of the Messenger & Beyond: A Conversation with Vietnam War Veteran, Poet, and Kansas Native H.C. Palmer (Honorable Mention)                             

John Hornbeck – Will I Ever Sing Again? (Honorable Mention)

Additional Interviews

Pearl Farrell – Malik Prince: Nothing to Something

Kathi Mattson – William E. Hays, WWII Hump Pilot: From the B-13 Vultee Vibrator to B-727s

Award Winning Fiction

Bill Glose – What Won’t Stay Buried (Winner)

Paul Hellweg – Over the Rainbow (Honorable Mention)

Ryan Stovall – What Was Taken (Honorable Mention)

Additional Fiction

Bree Pye – Ex-Pat

Jason Gaidis – Eternal Ritual

Jay Hardin – A Day in the History of Soup

Bruce Sydow – We Were Hollywood Marines

Daniel Kendall – The Patrol

Andrew MacQuarrie – Dry Heat

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