Southeast Missouri State University Press

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 8

ed. James Brubaker

Publication: 11/11/19
Pages: 192

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The volume also sponsored a veterans’ writing competition. The winners and finalists are spotlighted in the front of the book.

The anthology is the eighth in an annual series published by Southeast Missouri State University Press in cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Council’s Veterans Projects. See submissions guidelines here.


Award Winning Essays

Broken Ribs (winner) – Kristin Otero

Hindrance (honorable mention) – Jessica Granger

Like You Mean It (honorable mention) – Bree Pye

Award Winning Poetry

What the Bomb Wants (winner) – Bill Glose

The Blue Angels at Naval Air Station Jacksonville (honorable mention) – Aaron Wallace

The Watch (honorable mention) – Wes Smith

Award Winning Photography

Sugar Rush (winner) – Bree Pye

Day Job (honorable mention) – T.S. Johnson

Documenting Work on the Saigon River (honorable mention) – James Rifenbark

Award Winning Interview

Keith Eugene Fiscus: A Life of Service (winner) – Billie Holladay Skelley

Award Wining Fiction

Artificial Reef (winner) – Robert Morgan Fisher
How to Schedule a Nervous Breakdown (honorable mention) Amie Charney
Sacrifice and Service (honorable mention) William Watkins Jr.

Additional Essays

Three Essays – Christopher Baumer

Sacrifices Will Have to Be Made – Gail Hosking

The Trail – Charlie Jacobson

Run Silent, Run Deep – Gavin Pringle

Atmospheric – Sheri McQuiston Anderson

Additional Poetry

Measures &
Got Your Six – Lisa Stice

The Night We Fell in Love With Diana Ross – J.F. Connolly

Another Tour – Jocelyn Corbin

“We’re just self-replicating carbon units” &
Navy Haibun – Mary Ellen Talley

Reports May Vary &
More Than Enough – Jason Arment

The Unknown Hero &
The Wrong Way Round – Jay Harden

Shark-Mouthed Skies &
Jungle Nights – Bill Glose

I Got Your 6 – Valerie Young

Bullet &
Two Or More – Ryan Stovall

First Glimpse – Wes Smith

The Sign Painter – Elise Hempel

The Cost of War &
Friendly Fire – Lindsey Medina

Fall – Benjamin Naka-Hasebe Kingsley

9 Things Uncle Same Taught Me – Randy Brown

Presentiment – Eric Chandler

Birth of the Nuclear Age &
First Reading – Jonathan Tennis

Leadership – Scott Ennis

Two Wars Behind Glass – Sarah Colby

Grub Burger &
Tracer Rounds – Aaron Wallce

Additional Photography

Combat Lifesaver Training &
Baghdad Lights &
82nd in Iraq 2015 – A. Sean Taylor

Echo 232 Tusker Medics’ Graduation Ceremony – Rachael Attanasio

Those Who Served &
Mourners &
The War Correspondent – Joseph Pete

Weekend Pass &
Finding Shade – T.S. Johnson

Praying Soldier &
Unexpected Playmate – Bree Pye

Additional Fiction 

Two Kinds of People – Christopher Farris

How to Become a USMC Selected Toy – Garlen Funnell

No Medals Please – Monty Joynes

Cats – George Uriah

Measuring of Light – Patrick Kelly

I Wonder How She’s Doing and My Connections – Cindy McDermott


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