Southeast Missouri State University Press

Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 2

Edited by Susan Swartwout

Publication: 2013
Pages: 320

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Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, Volume 2 presents essays, fiction, poetry, interviews, and photography by military-service personnel, veterans, and their families.

The volume also sponsored a veterans’ writing competition, judged by John McManus (September Hope: The American Side of a Bridge Too Far), Mary Troy (Beauties: A Novel), William Trowbridge (Poet Laureate of Missouri, Ship of Fool), Destinee Oitzinger (Art Director of National Veterans Art Museum), and Tom Cushman (Muhammad Ali and the Greatest Heavyweight Generation). The winners and finalists are spotlighted in the front of the book.

The anthology is the second in an annual series published by Southeast Missouri State University Press in cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Council’s Veterans Projects and the Warriors Arts Alliance.

“The stories and poems of service and sacrifice are essential in understanding what has so broadly been termed ‘the American experience.’ For me, Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors is required reading and worthy of a thousand tears.”―St. Leger Monty Joynes, veteran, Vietnam

Missouri Arts Council
Red Bull Rising

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Winners of the Warriors Anthology Writing Competition:

Essay Winner: Jay Harden for “My Metal Mama”
Essay Honorable Mentions: Jason Arment for “Grim” and Gerardo Mena for “How to Build a War Hero”

Poetry Winner: Ryan Smithson for “Babel”
Poetry Honorable Mentions: Danielle Sellers for “Talk” and Amanda Hilles for “Taps”

Fiction Winner: John Mort for “Pitchblende”
Fiction Honorable Mentions: Kathleen Toomey Jabs for “Acts of Contribution” and Rolf Yngve for “Pointed Fair”

Photography Winner: Sheree Nielsen for “Dear Kindred Spirit”
Photography Honorable Mentions: A. Sean Taylor for “National Training Center” and Amanda Cherry for “Ft. Leavenworth Cemeteries 279”

Interview Winner: Jay Harden for “Interview with a Land Girl”
Interview Honorable Mentions: Phyllis A. Robeson for “Interview with a Warrior” and Jan Morrill for “Warrior Marriage”

Reunion: The Circle of Remembrance by Ruth W. Crocker

Vietnam and PTSD: Finally an Explanation by Michael J. Boyle

PTSD . . . The Reason for His Outbursts by Michele A. Boyle

Giving Veterans a Voice―April 2013 Interview by Sylvia Ney

Charlie Is Stealing for Home by Bruce Sydow

impact by Chris Wubbena

In the Valley of Lions by Randy Brown

My Time in Afghanistan: The Softer Side of War by Nancy Lacore

Highway of Death by Jonathan Travelstead

Chiaroscuro: A Reflection on the Light and Dark of Life by Lilah Pearce Contine

Birds of War by Monica Agnew-Kinnaman

Kindred Spirit by Sheree Nielsen

What’s it like . . . over there? by Matt Wilson

Last Patrol by Monty Joynes

Long Days’ Journey into Light by Charles H. Brown

Dog Tags
Little Lead Omens
War Squared by Tim Leach

You Never Forget Your First by Levi Newman

Baptism by Fire by Andy Anderson

Prisoner of War by Ryan Smithson

Unfinished Business by Carl Palmer

Cub Scout Camping Trip
Escort by Jarrod L. Taylor

Making Jello by Marcia Upchurch

Tulips in Early Spring by Ashley D. Wallis

Memorial Day by M.K. Sukach

Remember Me
Turning the Table
The Height of Fear in the Shadow of Death by Robert Robeson

Registered Letter by Joseph R. Carvalko, Jr.

Petrichor by Donna Bachler

John Young Funeral 167 by Amanda Cherry

Still Human
Raging River by Jay Harden

Veterans Coming Home
The Colonel’s Brain by William Childress

Hope Chest by Charity E. Winters

She Ain’t Just a 2nd Lieutenant by Kerry “Doc” Pardue

Woman Marine by DeVonna R. Allison

Land of the Free (Haircuts) by Charity Tahmaseb

Boogie with Chesty by Pamela Foster

Birthday Party by Eric Chandler

Babylift by Gerald R. Wheeler

Afghan Eyes
My War: Afghanistan 2012 by Nicholas Watts-Fernandez

Kids on the Street of Kabul by A. Sean Taylor

One Thousand Cuts of Healing by James Hackbarth

Harder by Cara Hobbs

Interview With An Old Soldier by Annette Armellino

Bald Eagle by Aaron Horrell

Marble Heroes by Oren Hammerquist

My Home Is the Navy by Amanda Hilles

Hoss’s Letter
The Only Home by Levi Bollinger

Suzy Q. by Curt Scheafer

An Outsider by Jimmy Castellanos

Offroad IVs by Gerardo Mena

Infantry TA-50 at 11pm by Daniele Cunningham

Pixie by Gary Ives

A Band of Brothers by Jerry-Mac Johnston

A Midnight Forest Patriot by Timothy E. Wolfe

By the Dawn’s Early Light by Les Thompson

festive skies by Fred Rosenblum

The Hunters’ Tales by James C. Stacey

After the Snow by M.E. Hope

Two Brothers by Luther Jett

Storm in the Graveyard by Jason Sansburn

Ibuprofen Avalanche by David S. Pointer

Last Day in Cambodia by Marc Levy

Moments: The Beginning―The End by Dan Bradford


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ISBN: 978-0-9883103-5-3