Southeast Missouri State University Press

Proud to Be: Writing By American Warriors, Volume 11

ed. James Brubaker

Publication: 11/11/2022
Pages: 188


Foreword by Virginia Brackett

Award Winning Fiction

Adam Straus – Crisis and Response (Winner)
Benjamin Inks – Honeycombs (Honorable Mention)
Sandra Tow – Not Even the Trees (Honorable Mention)

Additional Fiction

J.B. Stevens – Purple Flames
Jessica Calvert – Mosul
Robert Funderburk – Kennedy’s Kin
Gentle Culpepper – Hubby
J.G.P. MacAdam – Can’t Be Real
Elaine Little – Deployed 2008
David P. Ervin – A Dark Smudge
Richard Stimac – Homebound

Award Winning Photography

Niko Eden – Last Hoorah (Winner)
Michael Day – Losing Focus (Honorable Mention)
Scott Meehan – British APC in the Green Zone—Baghdad 2005 (Honorable Mention)

Additional Photography

Scott Meehan – 82nd Guards, North Gate Camp Anaconda—2003
Scott Meehan – Traveling the Countryside of Iraq—2006
Niko Eden – Line ’Em Up
Niko Eden – Supply
Niko Eden – Queen Is King

Award Winning Poetry

Eric Chandler – Tar (Winner)
Jacob Reisinger – My Combat (Honorable Mention)
Charity Winters – War Tourism (Honorable Mention)

Additional Poetry

Ben White – Toy Soldiers
Ben White – Dead Sailors
Charity Winters – RIP/TOA: Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority
Charity Winters – take your positions
T.M. Hudenburg – revisit fortune
Diane Neff – The End of War
Diane Neff – The Promise
Jacob Reisinger – When I Die Paint Me Green
Kevin Knight – Passing the Guidon
Cassie Brown – Making Peace
St. Leger “Monty” Joynes – Warriors Hushed by Grief
Gary Sohn – Tower Guard Duty
Carl “Papa” Palmer – Out of the Kitchen
Nicholas Lopez – The Scream of War
Jay Harden – Say Their Names
Jay Harden – Don’t Let
Jill Michelle – Got the Feeling That Something Ain’t Right
Jill Michelle – Headed Home Again
Eric Chandler – Artificial Enthusiasm

Award Winning Essays

Charlie Jacobson – Tanks (Winner)
Robert Brewer – Baby, It’s You (Honorable Mention)
Charity Winters – Thomas Stearns Eliot, I Salute You (Honorable Mention)

Additional Essays

John David Morgan – One More Step
Sara Watkins – The Apartment
Jay Harden – Me and Chaplain Meade
Tiffany Avery – Stigmatized: On Being a Female Cook
Roger Corbin – Saigon During the TET Offensive
Jason Green – Pissing in the Wind
Miranda Serra – The Long Goodbye
L.E. Wood – Going Home

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