Southeast Missouri State University Press

Proud To Be: Writing By American Warriors, Volume 10

James Brubaker, Editor

Publication: December 1, 2021
Pages: 224


Foreword by Bill Glose

Award Winning Fiction
Benjamin Inks – On a Mountain in Logar (Winner) 
Elaine LittleEmergency Leave (Honorable Mention)
Kristine Otero – We Go Together (Honorable Mention) 

Additional Fiction
J.G.P. MacAdam – Real Red Blood
Peter TrivelasThe Drive Home
David Blome – At the Curtains 
Z.S. Diamanti – Among the Evergreens 
Tanya Whitney – The Phone Call    
J.B. Stevens – A Wartime Breakfast with Ramirez  
Robert Morgan Fisher – You Stay Here
Veda Boyd Jones – Change Orders  

Award Winning Photography

Christian Tillett – Combat Boots (Winner)    
Randy BrownPrepping for “The Box” (Honorable Mention) 
Ruth Snipes – The Well (Honorable Mention) 

Additional Photography

Christian Tillett – Patrol
Christian Tillett –
Niko Eden – Men on Mars 
Joseph S. Pete – USS Indianapolis Survivor    
Joseph S. Pete – On Deck of the USS Indianapolis     
Joseph S. Pete – USS Indianapolis Commissioning 
Randy Brown M-RAP Rear View in Kapisa Province 
Randy Brown – Just Over the Wall (at National Training Center) 

Award Winning Poetry

Harry Gordon – The Wounded Cry Out for Their Mothers First (Winner) 
Jessica M Granger – WE FORGOT (Honorable Mention)
Ryan Stovall – Army Brat (Honorable Mention)

Additional Poetry 

Ryan Stovall – The Firing Line
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi – Blue Shrapnel 
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi – 35 cents for Steve
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi –
Next Exit
Victoria Elizabeth Ruwi –
Joseph S. Pete – Cincinnatus
Loretta Tobin – I Hear Birds 
Kristine Otero – Free(dom) Onion
Jay Harden – Give Yourself Peace 
Jay Harden – Reflections
Jay Harden – Safe Sleep 
Aubree TillettComing Home Soon
Wes Smith – The Box 
Wes Smith – Nocturne 
Wes Smith – Camo 
Heikki Huotari – Peach
Heikki Huotari – Lucid
Heikki Huotari – Portmanteau                                                                                            
Randy Brown – wearing the tree suit                                                                                
Carl “Papa” Palmer – His Limbo Soliloquy                                                                               
Valerie Elizabeth Young – Suffer in Silence                                                                                       
Pat O’Regan – The Child                                                                                                 
Charity Winters – Pre-Deployment Training                                                                        
Jonathan Tennis – Chatting With a Vet                                                                                
Jonathan Tennis – The Lord’s Prayer                                                                                    
Ben White – Memorial Thoughts                                                                                 
T.M. Hudenburg – familiar statues                                                                                        
Milton P. Ehrlich – The War to End All Wars                                                               
Donna Aycock Meares – His-Story, V-J Day, 1995                                                                       
Robert Brewer – Ode to Admiral Zumwalt                                                                       
Robert Brewer – Regret                                                                                                     
St. Leger “Monty” Joynes – Night Messenger                                                                                     
St. Leger “Monty” Joynes – October 1965                                                                                          
Jason Arment – Transformations of Aggression                                                               
Jason Arment – Born Again Hard                                                                                    
Ben Weakley – Heat and Pressure                                                                                   

Award Winning Essays

Rob Silverman – Incident at Range 27 (Winner) 
Anne Boaden – UXO (Honorable Mention) 
Michael FarwigCursed (Honorable Mention)        

Additional Essays

Tiffany Avery – Fear—Cut Sling Load  
Billy Jenkins – The Night Before
Troy Allan – An Ordinary Wednesday 
Lindsay Sledge – My Grandfather’s War 
Niko Eden – Alarm Red
Wes Choc – Fore or Aft
Leonard AdreonSome Wounds Don’t Bleed 
Jay Harden – Two Rebels Write Home   
Robert Brewer – Save Your Own Life

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