Southeast Missouri State University Press

Hurricane Blues: Poems About Katrina and Rita

Philip C. Kolin & Susan Swartwout

Publication: 2006
Pages: 184

Hurricane Blues is a unique artifact of American history: an anthology of original poems about the two most infamous hurricanes of 2005. Many of these poems are eyewitness accounts—written by both distinguished and emerging poets, all of whom were moved by the destruction of a legendary American city and the roughly 300-mile radius within Katrina’s wrath.

This collection not only records history but serves in some way as a balm, a relief effort toward the inevitable reconstruction of the region. Accordingly, all proceeds from Hurricane Blues will go toward the relief effort.

This is poetry as bread, cast upon the surface of the waters.


Includes previously unpublished works by:

Kemmer Anderson

Angela Ball

Stanley E. Banks

Walter Bargen

Darby Diane Beattie

Tara Betts

Ellen Bihler

David Bond

John Bradley

Catharine Savage Brosman

Christopher Bursk

Keith Byler

Fred Chappell

Pavel Chichikov

Ryan G. Van Cleave

Georgiana Cohen

Josh Cooley

Nicole Cooley

Peter Cooley

Nancy Jo Craig

Daniel Crocker

Averill Curdy

Steve Dalachinsky

Diane Elayne Dees

Jim Elledge

Gene Fant

Malaika Favorite

Gina Ferrara

Claire T. Feild

Maureen Tolman Flannery

Elizabeth Foos

Deborah Ford

William Greenway

George Guida

Lee Herrick

Bob Hicok

Walter R. Holland

Elizabeth Howard

Tim Hurley

Mark Jarman

Jen Karetnick

John Kinsella

John Cantey Knight

Philip C. Kolin

Mary Leary

Jo LeCoeur

Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Ann Jared Lewald

Ellen J. Litwack

Joanne Lowery

Marjorie Maddox

Veneta Masson

Richard Matthews

Janet McCann

Colleen J. McElroy

Zachary McGar

Linda Back McKay

Marion Menna

Michael Meyerhofer

Lenard D. Moore

Duane Morrison

Julie Morrison

Katherine Murphy

Robert Nazarene

Stella Nesanovich

Philip Overby

Elaine Fowler Palencia

Linda Pastan

Charles Peek

Louis Phillips

Kenneth Pobo

David Radavich

Dawn Evans Radford

Virginia Ramus

Ron Paul Salutsky

Julie Sanders

Peggy Sapphire

Maureen Seaton

Jean-Mark Sens

Ella Singer

Lindsay Penelope Sloan

Thomas R. Smith

Paul Sohar

Alexis Spencer-Byers

Gina M. Streaty

Susan Swartwout

Sheree Renee Thomas

Sue Walker

Jerry Ward

Kathleen Weigel

Estha Weiner

Gail White

Martin Willits, Jr.

Jianqing Zheng


Trade paperback, $17.00
ISBN: 978-0-9760413-5-1