Southeast Missouri State University Press

Faulkner and Warren

Edited by Christopher Rieger and Robert W. Hamblin

Publication: May 2015
Pages: 228

Faulkner and Warren is a collection of literary criticism from the 2012 Faulkner/Warren Conference at Southeast Missouri State University. Faulkner and Warren is Volume Four in Southeast’s Faulkner Conference Series.

Included Essays:

Angelic Acrobats and Fallen Southern Women: William Faulkner and Robert Penn Warren Go to the Circus
Patricia L. Bradley
“The world is like an enormous spider web”:The Contrasting Legacies of Thomas Sutpen and Cass Mastern
Robert W. Hamblin
Class Fantasies, Hollywood Liberalism, and the Bush Doctrine in Film Adaptations of “Two Soldiers” and All the King’s Men
Ted Atkinson

Civil War Evasions: Race in Faulkner’s “Mountain Victory” and Warren’s Wilderness
Andrew B. Leiter
Unsustainable Freedom: The Civil War Narratives of Warren and Faulkner
Shinya Matsuoka
From the Circle of Time and Memory to the Circus of Fiction: Bolton Lovehart and a Few Faulknerian Puppets
Françoise Buisson
Naples Re-visited: A New Perspective on Same-Sex Desire in “Divorce in Naples”
Phillip Gordon

Modernist Ecologies: Faulkner’s Wilderness and Warren’s Wasteland
Rebekah Taylor
“There Ought to Be a Law”: Prohibition in Faulkner and Warren
Conor Picken
“The only way a young man could earn money in school”:“Wild Palms,” The National Sporting Press, and the Professionalization of College Football
Jason Zerbe
“Long Years Ago, in Minneapolis. . .”: The Late Resurfacing of Robert Penn Warren’s Minnesota Years
Daniel Anderson
Approaching the Other Through Aesthetics: Faulkner, Warren, Native Americans, and Modernism
Benjamin J. Wilson
William Faulkner’s Dilsey, Robert Penn Warren’s Manty, and Race Politics
Dennis Negron
The Inadequacy of Language in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying and Robert Penn Warren’s Brother to Dragons
Fadia Mereani

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