Southeast Missouri State University Press

Cardboard Urn: Poems

Michael Meyerhofer

2005 Copperdome Poetry Chapbook Contest Winner
Publication: 2005
Pages: 40

“Inquisitive and insightful, the poems of Michael Meyerhofer aren’t afraid to go to those weird places other poets fear or dismiss. There’s equal parts humor and pathos in this poet, and he brings us poems that regard the world with a certain lyric skepticism that, nonetheless, wants to believe in all those old-fashioned ancient truths—beauty, harmony, peace. Meyerhofer’s poems are much more durable than the ‘Cardboard Urn’ of this collection’s title poem—they are resilient, incisive, and ultimately, redemptive.”
—Allison Joseph, poet

Acknowledgements from this collection:
Southern Poetry Review: “Death, The First Time” and “The First Expedition”
Ink Pot: “Building the House” and “The Diggers”
Chiron Review: “Cardboard Urn”
Tar Wolf Review: “Dinner Roll Zen”
Margie: “After Watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
Diagram: “Elegy for Roxana Rivera”
Michael Meyerhofer is currently working on an MFA at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. He was nominated for a Pushcart in 2003, and was recently a finalist for the James Wright Poetry Award.

Chapbook, $5.00
ISBN: 978-0-9760413-2-0