Southeast Missouri State University Press

Annamanda: A Novel of Courage

Jo Houser Haring

Publication: June 2014
Pages: 424

Bravery was required in the early 1800s frontier along the Mississippi River, and Annamanda’s courage helps her family to survive despite ferocious bears, “panthers,” Tecumseh’s ire, crop failures, roving bands of outlaws, and even the disputes between the many religions that formed and fell at the edges of the movement West.

Following her preacher husband into Missouri’s wilds, Annamanda meets the strange Eremus Lodi, a wealthy, educated landowner whose demons isolate him from “proper folk,” and his African companion named O’Reilly, whose healing powers save several members of her family. Through danger and deprivation, doubt and wonder, Annamanda faces each trial with humble strength and humor, until the coming of the Great Earthquake of 1811 threatens to destroy all that she knows and loves. In Annamanda’s flight from the seemingly endless Great Shaking, she and her family will have to face a final horror known as The Beast that is unleashed in the deep forests of the Middle South.

Full of frontier wisdom and humor, heart-stopping events, old-American religious factions, and the rollicking dialect of our early American ancestors, Annamanda is a novel of courage and character from the viewpoint of a most remarkable American pioneer.

Trade Paperback, $19.00
ISBN: 978-0-9883103-7-7