Southeast Missouri State University Press

And Justice For All: A History of the Federal District Court of Eastern Missouri

Burton A. Boxerman

Publication: September 2014
Pages: 544

Because of his love of legal history and his respect for the United States Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Missouri, Senior United States Dis­trict Judge E. Richard Webber had long desired to have a formal history of the Court. With author and historian Burton A. Boxerman as writer, Judge Webber formed a committee of experts that included prominent attorneys in the private practice of law who shared his pas­sion for legal history and the court system.

Beginning with the Court’s roots in the Articles of the Confederation, Boxerman describes the history of the Federal Judiciary and its selection process that ensures rigorous consideration of qualifications. He includes the judges’ biographies, available photos, and discussions of many major cases and their implications, with copies in the appendix of the original documents in the famous Dred Scott trial.

Boxerman writes that the court in which these judges hear cases has been and continues to be a forum of integrity, where justice is fairly dis­pensed and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Missouri’s United States District Court for the Eastern District is today, as it has always been, an institution that truly metes out “justice for all.”

Hardcover, $20.00
ISBN: 978-0-9903530-0-3