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You Are Loved

Andrew Malan Milward

Publication: March 15, 2024
Pages: 181

As a young man living in New Orleans just after the turn of the century, Dixon Still is trying to find himself. Thirty years later, as an older man living in San Francisco, Dixon has arrived at a clearer sense of self, but he still finds something missing in his otherwise happy life. You Are Loved tells Dixon’ s story through two interconnected novellas, first when he is a young, aspiring photographer who has an affair with a married woman that brings about a coming of age both in terms of his art and his sexuality, and then thirty years later when he is a happily married museum curator whose life grows increasingly complicated through a web of open sexual relationships and professional expectations. You Are Loved attempts to reconcile Dixon’ s past notions of sex, love, and gender with his present ones, and in doing so limns the vast shifts in consciousness that occurred in the interim.


The two novellas in Andrew Malan Milward’s You Are Loved offer a kind of longing and love in a voice that wins our affection and dares us to listen. It is deeply confessional, smart, and beautifully told. It’s no surprise that he has resurrected the novella form and I’m here for it.

—Brandon Hobson, National Book Award finalist and author of The Removed


What a goddamn pleasure to read these new novellas from the always brilliant Andrew Malan Milward. One can sense the influences of DeLillo and Salter here, but there is also a clear propulsiveness in Milward’s grappling with the human heart with all its love and agony. Beautiful, beautiful work.

—Christian Kiefer, author of The Heart of It All


You Are Loved paints a stirring portrait of desire’s myriad complexities. With graceful, evocative prose and rich, vibrant characterization, Andrew Malan Milward presents modern love and sexuality in a captivatingly honest light, complete with deception, heartache, joy, and chaos. The beauty of this book lies not only in its frank depiction of complicated courtships, but also in its elegant portrayal of how our past injuries reflect our present cruelties. A provocative, deeply moving book.

—James Han Mattson, author of Reprieve


In the two novellas that comprise You Are Loved, Andrew Malan Milward has created a vessel into which readers may pour themselves, luxuriating in language so confident, so pitch perfect, that hours will go by before remembering to emerge again from these pages. Following the artistic and sexual awakening of Dixon Still in two of our most compelling cities—New Orleans and San Francisco—and spanning the first thirty years of the twenty-first century, we accompany this flaneur-photographer into bookstores and art galleries, restaurants and hotel rooms, where he inevitably confronts himself and the world, even as the clock of his life—and our increasingly fragile planet’s—ticks by.

—Jeffrey Condran, author of Claire, Wading into the Danube By Night

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