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1700s in America: The Historical Genealogical Calendar of Worldwide Events for the 1784 World’s Fair at Leipzig

C.M. Sprengel

Translated by Heinz & Karin Dutt, Commissioned by Bob Keathley
Publication: 2004
Pages: 278

1700s in America is a unique vision of the American colonies and American Revolution written by 18th-century German historian Christian M. Sprengel. In a narrative that objectively analyzes both pros and cons, Sprengel describes the early struggles of the American colonies and the decisions that brought them together to fight for freedom, calling the war “the most noteworthy event of our days.” He tells us the economics and sociology of the colonies, listing products and profits, headcounts and “heathens.” He relates both the cruelties of war and the great hopes of a new government built upon democracy.

The book contains a rare map of America in 1783, drawings of coins circulated in 1700s in America, 18 dramatic copperplate engravings of the revolution’s events, and drawings of the colonies’ flag, revolutionary attire, and important statesmen, along with their biographies.

1700s in America illuminates the strength of our country’s early settlers in a new voice from a distant past, a German historian from the 18th century who describes the birth of a nation from a European perspective. Sprengel’s extensive research takes into account all sides of the issue of revolt as well as insights into the daily lives and attitudes of the colonists.

About the Commission:
Some journeys take time before their true value can be realized. The journey of a country from colony to symbol of freedom. The journey of a little book from novelty at the 1784 World’s Fair in Germany to the hands of man in Missouri in 1980, who had the faith and resources to bring the book to light.

Bob Keathley’s long-term interest in antiques fired his interest in this little 1700s German book he found at an auction. The rest, as they say, is history.

Keathley has four sons and ten grandchildren. He lives in Bernie, Missouri, with his wife, Yvonne.

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ISBN: 978-0-9724304-9-4